Distant Deities, Central Places

Conference Paper

Session 1: Origins, Functions and Change
Thursday 2023-04-06
15:00 | 18:00

‘Extra-urban sanctuaries’ and philosophers – performances, perceptions, and conceptions

Matthias Haake (University of Bonn), 2023-04-06, Time: 15:00 - 15:40


Greek sanctuaries were places that attracted the attention of philosophers in antiquity from the Archaic period until late Antiquity. This also applies to those sanctuaries that are referred to as extra-urban in scholarship. In my paper I will focus on three aspects: first, I will consider the evidence for the presence of philosophers in extra-urban sanctuaries; second, I will analyse whether this presence allows any conclusions regarding the perception of extra-urban sanctuaries among philosophers; third, in a final step, I will discuss whether conceptions of extra-urban sanctuaries can be found in philosophical texts.


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