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2022-11-15 | 2022-11-15

New Currents in Ancient Water Studies III

Place: SIA & Zoom, Mitseon 9, 117 42 Athens.
Organizers: Swedish Institute at Athens in cooperation with Frontinus Gesellschaft

Tuesday 2022-11-15
16:00 17:45 Session 1
16:00 16:15 Patrik Klingborg, Introduction
16:15 16:45 Georgia Aristodemou, Water cults in roman Macedonia. The importance of Rivers as gods in the regions of Macedonia and Thrace during the Roman period, as examined through their myths and material evidence
16:45 17:15 Jens Krasilnikoff, Water in ancient Greek food systems. Towards a new analytic perspective with examples from Athens, Metapontum and Gortyn 5th – 3rd century BC.
17:15 17:45 Axel Frejman, Patrik Klingborg & Hedvig von Ehrenheim, Spatiality of water at Greek sanctuaries
18:00 20:00 Session 2
18:00 18:30 Dan Anca, River cults between the Greek, Anatolian and Iranian worlds
18:30 19:00 Sebastian Zerhoch, A protean liquid: water in ancient Greek libation practice
19:00 19:30 Richard Ascough, Water rituals and Roman mortuary practices
19:30 20:00 Open discussion

Printed: 2023-02-07
From the web page: Swedish Institute at Athens