Distant Deities, Central Places

Reconsidering the ”Extra-urban” Sanctuary

2023-04-06 | 2023-04-08

Thursday 2023-04-06 | Saturday 2023-04-08
Place: Lecture hall of the Italian Archaeological School at Athens (SAIA), Parthenonos 14, 117 42, Athens
Organizers: Axel Frejman (Uppsala), Christina Williamson (Groningen), Floris van den Eijnde (Utrecht)


Sanctuaries located at a distance from major centres of population in the ancient world are conveniently labelled by scholars as ‘extra-urban’. Most scholars have an idea as to what kind of sanctuary this indicates. But how accurate is this image? How has the designation of ‘extra-urban’ steered our thinking about these special places of cult? What implications does the term bring with it, and what other dynamics might be left out of the picture? By reconsidering our terminology, this conference aims to realign our thinking about these places of cults, and our positioning of them in the divine and humand landscape.

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Last Event

New Currents in Ancient Water Studies III

Water in Greek and Roman Religion

2022-11-15 | 2022-11-15

Tuesday 2022-11-15 | Tuesday 2022-11-15
Place: SIA & Zoom, Mitseon 9, 117 42, Athens
Telephone: +30 210 9232102
Organizers: Swedish Institute at Athens in cooperation with Frontinus Gesellschaft

Conference Sessions

Tuesday 2022-11-15
16:00 | 17:45
Tuesday 2022-11-15
18:00 | 20:00

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